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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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hours after north carolina voters who supported him four years ago overwhelmingly rejected gay marriage. president obama said he is in favor of it becoming legal. it ends years of the equivocation on the divisive subject. chief white house correspondent ed henry broke the story on fox earlier today. >> the president said he was careful to stress it's personal view and he will let the states decide. they may upset some in the party that want federal action. senior officials say they planned to announce it before the democratic convention. the vice president with his comments sped that timetable up, prompting a last-minute interview with "good morning america's" robin roberts. >> when i think about members of my own staff, who are incredibly commitment in monogamous relationships, raiding kids together, same-sex relationships it's for me to affirm that i think same-sex couples should be
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able to get married. >> a reversal more than a year in the making. >> my feelings about this are evolving. it struggle with this. >> he said the baseline was allowing civil unions so same-sex couples could have similar legal rights as married heterosexuals. >> i recognize from their perspective it's not enough. this is something we'll continue to debate. it personally will continue to wrestle with. >> the senior officials confirm the wrestling and the evolving was going to continue longer until joe biden went on nbc "meet the press" and boxed in the commanderer in chief. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men and women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying are entitle to the same exact rights. >> reporter: two top democratic advisors to the president candidly told fox it was a gaffe. one advisor grumbling the vice president has his own program. and sometimes doesn't get he is on television. and not having a private conversation with anchors. the advisors flatly said
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biden's comments were not a planned shift by the white house. though senior officials stress the president was not mad. supporters of same-sex marriages rejoice today. making the case conservatives who are against it were always likely to back republican romney. >> it's important that he recognized there is inequality out there and supports treating our community equally. >> there is still potential for major political fall-out. with the top democrats privately admitting the endorsement could hurt the turn-out among religious african-american voters opposed to same-sex marriage. last night, voters in north carolina banned same-sex marriage. joining other key battleground like virginia. the state states that banned ite 101 electoral votes.
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>> bret: there will be more on this with the panel. ed henry, thank you. six states and issue of columbia issue marriage license to same-sex couples. two other states pass legislation that hasn't taken effect. there are same-sex marriage bills pending in two other states, illinois and rhode island. 41 states have statutes defining marriage as between one man and one woman. house speaker john boehner is not making a big deal of the president's announcer today. he talked with gerri willis of the fox business network. >> i think he made his position clear. i have always believed that marriage was between a man and a woman. republicans are focused in on the economy. american people are asking the questions where are the jobs? our focus is on the economy like it has been for the last year-and-a-half. >> bret: mitt romney asked about the president's gay marriage shift today. seemed to be cautious.
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chief political correspondent cameron shows us what he is saying. >> visiting campaign headquarters in oklahoma, romney reacted to the position of being opponent to supporter of same-sex marriage by president. >> i had the same view i had as governor and expressed many times. marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. i know other people have differing views. this is tender and sensitive topic as are many social issues. i have the same view i had since running for office. >> reporter: earlier, romney said he was more pro-gay rights than the late ted kennedy campaigned in battleground of colorado where he described the views in a greater detail to denver tox affiliate. >> i do not favor marriage between people of the same gender. i don't favor sim unions if they're aid call to marriage other than by name. my view is domestic partnership benefits, hospital visitation rights and the like are appropriate. but the others are not.
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>> romney made no mention of the sweep of primaries yesterday. 30 states now have laws or constitutional amendments prohibiting same-sex marriage. seven of them are key swing state battlegrounds including north carolina. which had a been a on same-sex marriage on the ballot yesterday. it added to pressure from gay and lesbian activist groups from president obama to hurry up and evolve to a backer of same-sex marriage. in "rolling stone" he said, "we're going to keep on working in very practical ways to make sure our gay and lesbian brother and sisters are treated as what they are, full-fledged members of the american family." indiana had a primary yesterday, too. it's shifted right since 2008. dick lugar was beaten in the primary by state treasurer richard murdoch who energize for the tea party supporters could help romney put hoosier state in the g.o.p. win colum
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column. [ applause ] >> finally, the west virginia democratic primary last night proved embarrassing for president obama. he won 60% of the vote, but 40% went to the runner up keith judd known as inmate 115 # 3-051. he is in a texas federal prison doing 17-1/2 years for extortion. rather than support the president, 21% of the west virginia voters cast ballots for no preference. he got on the ballot by paying filing fee. he has run for president every year since 19 # 6. bizarre. >> bret: 42% in west virginia. the final weeks of the recall evident against wisconsin republican governor scott walker will look like the general election. of 2010. same opponents, same issues. correspondent mike tobin in milwaukee looks at where they go from here.
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>> hello, wisconsin. >> bitter emotion of the ide log call struggle dividing wisconsin, the state democrats chosen milwaukee mayor tom barrett as gladiator of the left. he promises to fight against wealthy businessman that contributed to governor scott walker. >> scott walker, instead of staying home in wisconsin and focusing on creating jobs here decided he is going to be a rock star. a rock star to the far right in this nation. >> two-third of walker $25 million war chest come from outside wisconsin. supports range from casino and business owners to the wealthy koch brothers who the left loves to hate. he said he is fighting against the power lust of big labor. >> do we want to go to days where a handful of the special interest controlled the state and the local governments? >> no. >> no. instead, we put in place reforms that put the hard-working taxpayers of
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wisconsin in charge. >> labor is spending money in the recall. according to the latest financial disclosures, $7 million have been contributed. the republican governor's association is running ads through a pac. >> move forward. >> democratic governors as well producing the most negative ads of the recall. >> the probe has let to 15 felony charges. >> as wisconsin viewers are bombarded, even the democratic chair of wisconsin, mike tate, admits the party has lost control of the message. evident in this audio recording of a meeting he had with volunteers. >> it's not party money. it's individual candidate money. a lot of the money is from the third party groups so we can't talk to at all. >> it's the future of american politics. super-pacs and other third parties will be able to define what an election is about. >> because minds are already made up, this election will be all about motivating supporters to the polls. yesterday, walker faced only a
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protest candidate, the g.o.p. motivated 626,000 wisconsin republicans to get out and vote. that is the largest showing for a primary in 60 years. bret? >> bret: mike tobin live in milwaukee. we'll take "special report" on the road for wisconsin for that vote. postal service will keep hundreds of rural post offices open but with shorter hours. public opposition to wide-scale cut led the nearly bankrupt organization to change plans to close up to 3700 low-revenue locations. postmaster general says the new plan will save half a billion dollars a year. mortgage giant fannie mae made almost $3 million in the first three months of this year. the first quarter in the black since mid-2008. fannie will not seek additional federal aid for now. it has already received $116 billion of your money. the most expensive bail-out of any company. stocks were down, s&p 500 lost
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nine. nasdaq closed 12 behind. next up, latest on the underwear bomb plot and increasing pressure on tsa. that brings us to tonight's text to vote question. have you been inappropriately touched during an airport screening? text sr1 to 36288 if your answer is yes. sr2 for no. results a little later. i'm freaking out man.
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of our u.s. olympic team. >> bret: the head of the f.b.i. says the latest plot to blow up an airliner had already been stopped before the anniversary of the bin laden killing but there is concern more could have been accomplished if not for loose lips. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge explains. >> the chairman of the house intelligent committee says the
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leak about the bomb disrupted a sensitive ongoing intelligence operation. >> it didn't allow the operation to go full, to the full conclusion, to the best opportunity. >> the chair of the senate intelligence committee is also crying foul. >> yes, i don't think the leaks should have happened. there was an operation progress. and the leak is regarded as very serious. >> saudi intelligence contact tells fox insider was low-level operative in saudi custody who volunteered to carry out the mission. he left and spent time in a southern provence that al-qaeda operates so freely the u.s. official says they have al-qaeda's last banner. he's said to travel overland to united arab emirates where he contacted the saudis and handed it over. the "associated press" broke the story mon. senior lawmakers come plane they were not briefed in a timely fashion. >> we have to ask har questions here just to make sure that people aren't trying
6:15 pm
tous the national security for any other purpose other than national security purposes in keeping americans safe. >> the f.b.i. lab in quantico, virginia, u.s. officials say the streamline device, so-called "brief bomb" relied on a chemical that is seen as more reliable detonator. al-qaeda used the same detonator in a bomb that nearly brought down cargo jets in 2010. the issue was raised on capitol hill. >> on the anniversary of the killing of bin laden, was there a specific, and/or credible threat of terrorism on the united states of america? is there we did not believe so. >> you were burning -- >> no doubt to the fact -- >> referring to the arrest. >> ieds. >> i think it's fair to say that that plot had been thwarted at the time. >> based on the f.b.i. analysis, congressional sources say the response could have been caught by a full
6:16 pm
body scan in the u.s. airport but invasive screening technique are not common in middle east or europe where it t bomb would have to rignated. >> bret: thank you. security procedures at u.s. airports remain unchanged tonight, despite the development of the new bomb. correspondent doug mckelway tells us it is the latest channel for the much maligned tsa. >> found by tsa agents yesterday hidden in stuffed toy animals at rhode island airport, gun part and ammunition. the find, small victory for agency that is losing the confidence of frustrated passengers. >> too many americans instead of delivering effective security believe the tsa has given americans public long lines and policies that hardly make us safer. >> passengers already run a gauntlet of security procedures from x-ray conveyor machines for carry on, body scanners, hand held detakors and pat-down. a report questions will the
6:17 pm
hassle and expense is worth it? the report finds tsa is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and it found 57 pieces of security commitment was unused in a warehouse in dallas, texas, for six months. >> somebody needs to see value of deployed equipment and making sure that equipment is not in a warehouse idle. >> house jeff sight committee darrell issa suggests that congress may be criminally misled by the agency when investigators went to inventory the question inment and workers wither seen moving it out of the backdoor. >> people were brought in at 5:00 in the morning to get it out before our people came in. >> the tsa officials were questioned if the puffers of worked and one said the dogs did a better job. >> it's what the israeli does and pentagon does and what the white house does, what we do if the united states congress. only the t sa decides that whole body immanualing
6:18 pm
machines are better. we stick hundreds of millions of dollars in the ware house. >> they found tsa purchased body scanners before they were tested for effectiveness. >> the puffers disappeared. they were removed from the airport, despite costing taxpayers $30 million. >> bret: thank you. house armed services committee is working on its version of a it was budget. it adds $3 billion to the one proposed by president obama. many lawmakers are worry over the prospects of having to cut half a trillion dollars over the next ten years if they cannot agree to alternative. they are trying to avoid the so-called sequester. still ahead, geeing rid of roe v. wade one state at a time. first, there season much cease in the syria cease-fire. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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>> bret: we have just learned that russian president vladimir putin is canceling plans to attend this month's g-8 meeting at camp david and one-on-one meeting with president obama there. the two leaders will meet inside at the g-20 summit in mexico in june. meantime, desperate search for a missing airplane is happening right now in indonesia. a new russian-made zillian plane carrying 50 people disappeared during a demonstration flight. search an rescue teams battle mountainous terrain and bad weather. israel is accusing iran of stalling negotiation in the nuclear program. iran goes back to the bargaining table with the u.s. and allies in two weeks. israel prime minister says the talks will only be successful if iran agrees the stop all uranium enrichment. president obama is extending
6:23 pm
the legal framew for continuing sanctions against sir yeah. it comes as the fragile cease-fire continues to crumble. correspondent leland vittert has an update. >> street by street, house by house. unconfirmable amateur videos from homs show opposition battle continue to fight the dug-in syrian army. tape from a residential street purportedly showing where a mortar fired for portions loyal to government landed, injuring two children. "they shoot at us at night" said this man talking to u.s. observers. today a roadside become detonated close to u.s. convey hing for a town of tara to monitor the cease-fire. exlegislation damaged syrian army truck -- explosion danieled the syrian army truck. equipment arriving for 250 more by month's end.
6:24 pm
there are 20 checkpoints. there are no schools. no shops. where is the withdrawal of the army? the opposition an many syrians boycotted parliamentary election this week which embattled president assad held to show he was committed to reform. stimstill, the violence continus from both sides. overnight attacks by rebels reportedly destroyed six syrian army personnel carriers. the u.n. special envoy to syria said making the cease-fire deal work is the country's only hope the prevent a civil war. the view from the ground shows there is not much hope to be had. especially considering a rebel commander said today that his forces are going to resume their attack. and the syrian army has had two weeks to regroup. and rearm. bret? >> bret: leland vittert in jerusalem. thank you. queen elizabeth iii today announced great britain
6:25 pm
legislative agenda. the queen has no role many content. the plan aims to boost economic growth and 700-year-old house of lords. the euro zone bail-out fund is approving release of $6.7 million in aid to greece. meanwhile, the leader of greece's radical left says he failed the forge a coalition to end the country's post election deadline. grapevine is next. done forget to participate in our text the vote poll tonight. have you been inappropriately touched in an airport screening? text sr1 to 36288 if the answer is yes. results in a bit. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually se arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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dreaming of great savings? get them during our green tag event. visit for details. >> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. two new studies show environmental groups are collecting millions of dollars from the federal agencies they regularly sue under a little known law. the equal access to justice act was passed three decades ago. to help the little guy stand up to the feds and recoup legal fees if he could prove the government agencies wronged him. however, the act also covers non-profits. including groups that aggressively sue over environmental issues. wyoming republican senator says the law was intended to help veterans and seniors except environmental groups halftimed the law and used it -- groups halftimeed th hi je
6:30 pm
law. they say the reimbursement doesn't come close to covering the legal expenses. nbbc "saturday night live" scrapped a skit poking fun of obama. replaced it with a sketch mocking the fox and friends morning show that airs on this network. the rejected script was obtained by the daily caller and it featured fred armiston of obama celebrating killing usama bin laden day. the show's executive producer tells the "new york post" the switch was not about politics but about comedy. finally, a healthcare advocacy group is asking president obama to 86 any future junk food photo ops because they set a bad example. group of doctors is filing a petition calling for executive order barring the president, the first family, vice president biden and all cabinet members from eating unhealthy foods in public. if signed that would mean no
6:31 pm
more white house trips to local burger joints. pro-life activists are taking a different approach these days. tonight, correspondent shannon bream on the strategy of taking -- taking down roe v. wade one state at a time. >> no question that momentum is on the ground. >> pro-life activists say they aren't giving up on capitol hill, they are turning their focus to a state-by-state strategy aimed a beefing up abortion limits and defunding planned parenthood. >> it's happening. all across the country. even in 2011, 92 pieces of legislation passed legislatures. so this is a moment. it's the moment that is a culmination of many factors starting 40 years ago with roe v. wade. >> bills are pending in more than two dozen states and the lines of attack are varied. some measures would require women to undergo ultrasound before getting an abortion. others would define a legal person from moment of conception. several states voted to defund planned parenthood. many of the m'ses are tied up
6:32 pm
in litigation brought by the center for reproductive rights or c.r.r., which says it's clear the state efforts are actually part of a broader strategy. >> national organizations are forcing their legislators to spend a lot of time and effort and waste taxpayers' money on what is clearly unconstitutional. >> c.r.r. points to recent victory in oklahoma where the state supreme court voided person ballot initiative and texas that voted to defund planned parenthood but was ordered byfit circuit to continue funding while legal challenge to the law plays out. >> onslaught against women and the effort to take reproductive healthcare out of normal healthcare is very dangerous. women and their families should be making the decisions, not politicians. >> pro-life groups remain encouraged by the state level accomplishment, knowing they may ultimately be judged in washington. >> the last stop will be the supreme court. that's the place we get through to how we'll decide
6:33 pm
the issue. >> in texas alone, planned parenthood stands to lose 47 million in funding. but the legal fight continues at thefit circuit. bret -- fifth circuit. >> bret: thank you. former spokeswoman for john edwards who now works for president obama testified today in edwards' corruption trial. jennifer palmieri talked about confrontation between elizabeth edwards and donors over their support for her husband's pregnant mitt tres. edwards was a north carolina senator an ran for president as a democrat says he is innocent of campaign finance violations. prosecutors indicated that they will wrap up the case against edwards without calling his former mistress to the stand. a flamboyant dealer in performance enhancing drugs livened up the roger clemens trial today. kirk redoski says he sent human growth hormone to clemens' home address. the pitching great is accused of lying to congress about taking the drugs. we'll talk about the president
6:34 pm
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i think about people who are in a same-sex relationship and raising kids togetherror soldiers, marines, sailors out there fighting on my behalf feel constrained even now that don't ask, don't tell is gone because they're not able to commit themselves to marriage. at a certain point i concluded that for me personally, it's important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think sam
6:38 pm
same-sex couples should get married. >> bret: the president talking to "good morning america's" robin roberts. the making is complete. after biden's comments on "meet the press" over the weekend. senior administration official said it sped up his decision. but it was going to come before the election. gallup poll last week has a split 50/48 in support of gay marriage. if you break down the state-by-state voting, 30 states now have laws or constitutional amendments prohibiting same sex marriage. seven are key battleground states including north carolina that voted last night for the same thing. bring in the panel. david druger, associated politic editor for roll call. juan williams, columnist with the hill and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. about the timing and positioning and the development?
6:39 pm
>> well, it surely the first time in scientific history that revolution has been accelerated by the upcoming election. that's never been recorded before. granted the cynicism, need to do it for electoral reason, withholding donation from gay right activists and the gaffe that biden made to pel rate this, granted that give him credit for what he said. two sides, in abortion and other unresolved social issues deserve respect. theod who believe in traditional marriage, that it's been main stay of society forever until yesterday. tampering with it should invoke trep daig or those like obama with sympathy of the same sex that learn to have what heterosexuals have.
6:40 pm
i understand that. but thing i wish president had done is show respect for other side. with prop 9, those people opposing gay marriage are demonized by the pro-side as haters and they suffer through boycott and worse. i think he ought to say to the country, difficult decision. each side should respect the otherred not demonize. >> bret: on the left, organizations and lawmakers put out statement praising this. the president said this is his personal feeling today and he said it was a state right issue. not federal issue. the states have decided. is there a problem on the left that this is the expressed personal feeling of the
6:41 pm
president. as the left describes it as a civil rights issue. zil right issue, equality on marriage. >> it's positive as matter of discrimination, especially by people in the gay rights community. no question about that. president positions himself as a contrast to romney's position. romney has been in support to been a gay marriage. obama said it's up to the state to make that cause. they have made it and sometimes it's different than what he said in his support for gay marriage and that is critical issue. two things should be said. president evolved with his personal feelings. he was speaking as an individual about having to personally evolve.
6:42 pm
it took political pressure to end been a on gays in militar military. he put political capital in that. the justice department stopped enforcing the issue you talked about, doma, defense of marriage act as a federal law in the capital. but the thing about it is, right now he had no choice. the plan was from everything i've been able to report to wait until after the election. you don't need to excite anger and polarization and surround this issue. don't forget. part of his base, we saw this in north carolina, just yesterday, is critically opposed to this issue. that is african-americans. >> bret: this is what romney said this afternoon when asked about this issue on the stat statement. >> my view is that marriage, itself, is a relationship between a man and a woman. and that is my own preference. i know other people have differing views. this is a very tender and sensitive topic as are many
6:43 pm
social issues. i have the same view i have had since, well, since running for office. >> bret: how does it play politically, david? >> it's an interesting question. i think in the immediate it can cut two ways. first, it can energize world voters and voters that have been he is tant or enthusiastic to support mitt romney. on this issue, he has been consistent. n terms of what he did as the governor of massachusetts, court cases there. he tried to block same-sex marriage from becoming law. on the other hand it could help obama with independents. if we get too much in weeds, day after day discussing same-sex marriage and implications of this, we are not talking about the economy. so if i'm romney, i'd rather talk about the economy. because even though this issue won't hurt him, and in some key electoral states could help him with turn-out, his path to victory and the unifying issue that puts him over the top, if he would get over the top is jobs and the
6:44 pm
economy. i say one last thing if we look at this. spoke to a senior north carolina republican taking a look at the election returns from last night who said world turn-out -- rural turn-out in north carolina was way up, much more than was expected. much better than urban turn-out. attributed to the marriage amendment. so, this kind of thing could have an effect down the line. >> bret: charles, in 1 1996 then running for state senate, obama filled out a questionnaire and he wrote this, "i favor legalizing same-sex marriages and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages." when he became a candidate later that evolved, it change changed, it changed even greater and now we are seeing full circle. romney can't really attack him on the flip-flopping, can he? >> well, then, obama can attack romney. >> bret: that is what i mean. >> right. it must say now this is another unique example of evolution in which species eed one way and turns around goes
6:45 pm
back. that also hasn't been seen at least recently, the last million years or so. look, obama is obviously attacking. when he ran in illinois, he was in a very liberal environment. he went with the way he had to go. what does he believe in his heart? i have no idea. but i think where he has come out, at least politically, i think it's going to be a wash. i agree with your analysis. for every african-american living in rural, north carolina, who went against gay marriage yesterday, there is going to be somebody in the upper west side of new york who will go the other way. >> bret: what about hispanics? latino community? >> latino community is socially conservative. this gets lost in all the numbers. thaw are socially conservative. i don't think they change on that point. that's why i think or with blacks or hispanics, social conservatives on a whole i don't think will vote on the issue. >> it depends whether it's a dominant issue.
6:46 pm
if we are still talking the economy in a couple of months the issue is on the back burner and only seen beneath the surface if it turns out a lot of rural voters precinct. >> no longer re-lutionnary idea the way it was a decade or two ago. intensity is lessism can't imagine the hispanics that are going to have that on the top of the list above immigration and jobs and the economy. so i think it's not going to have a significant effect on the election. >> bret: churches factor in, in all the communities. next up, fiery election year politics and more about last night results. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm.
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fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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♪ ♪ the polls when they ask republicans who are you going to vote for, 90% said they were supporting me. that is more republicans
6:50 pm
supporting me than democrats supporting the president. so, if there is, if there is a rift in the party i think it's his. in west shave, an inmate got 40% of the vote against obama. they have more problems on that side of the aisle than we do in ours. >> bret: talking about the west virginia democratic parry where -- primary where judd, inmate in texas received 42% of the vote in that primary. embarrassing for the obama campaign. he won 42% serving 17-1/2 years for extortion but shows you as a protest vote in west virginia. we talk little bit about north carolina. we are back with the panel. david, it goes to perhaps vulnerability in some of the states that is underneath. but if you see it when the votes come up. >> i think it shows the president doesn't walk on
6:51 pm
water the way he did four years ago. you don't have a completely energized party with the independent piling on who would do anything to vote out any recommend nant of republicanism or the bush administration. it's a different ballgame. we saw 200,000 democrats, i believe, in north carolina vote nod preference. we have seen other votes like this. i wouldn't make too much of it because in most states where we have seen this, they are states where obama, wouldn't win if he was the only candidate in the general election. in a state like north carolina, that he wants to win again, the convention in charlotte. couple points. one way or the other. and you've got a much different election. it shows he has work to do. that is one of the reasons we see, obviously, the president unopposed at a primary throughout the past few months he has been making key overtures to his base. whether it was the environmentalists on the keystone xl pipeline. or going after republicans on tax increases.
6:52 pm
particular way. i think it showed that he was trying to say look, i need you, i want you. please work hard and turn out for me. >> bret: not to focus too much on west virginia, as david mentioned, it's not a state that likely is going to go democratic. you had democratic senator joe manchin asked about this today who said that was something, wasn't it? " he went to point out it's all about energy, saying that west virginia is a major coal producer and some of the state accused the obama white house waging a war on coal. >> well, you know, joe manchin when he was running was pretty dismissive of the president. >> bret: he recently said he doesn't know if he going to vote for president obama. >> right. i was going to say that. what you have is a situation he is distant. i don't think this is much more than people who just said anybody but those who are on the ballot. i think there is that sentiment out there in the american mind right now. people are just fed up with washington.
6:53 pm
this was protest. >> bret: how does the gay marriage dust-few you will and whatever the president said today play for those folks in some of those states that democrats feel like they perhaps were going after? >> if i could make a response to juan on the west virginia situation. that was not a protest vote. that was a choice between extortionist on one hand and president and an administration that is exappropriate rating the coal industry. you choose between extortionist in prison and administration that has control of the epa a thus of you. that issued regulation a month ago to kill america. it's protest with substance. i don't think it's restricted to that one state. it will spread across appalachia. on the gay marriage issue, i'm not sure it will have a trecht efect. because i do think in this election, which is so heavily economic in jobs. it will be low on the list. probably even low on the list
6:54 pm
of the social issues. >> bret: quickly, a lot of response to that sound bite from abc. the president talking about his decision-making when he said when i think about the soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on behalf in the past few minutes we received e-mail and tweet about it. is that a problem with the phraseology there? >> one of timing. if the president ends up in real trouble in the fall, this is the kind of thing that can be played over and over. people could say you know what? yeah. enough already. if the president surging and the economy is recovery, they're like whatever. >> the republican base. it's something to talk about for the next few hours i don't think it has any power whatsoever. he is the commander in chief. he should have a sense of personal connection if he sends my son out to get killed. >> can you imagine dwight eisenhower issuing a statement on d-day congratulating the troops on omaha beach on his behalf? it's inconceivable. it will be inconceivable to him and the fact it isn't to
6:55 pm
obama who said it is extremely revealing. >> that's it for panel. stay tuned for new details from a long lost letter. i'm really going to miss you. my new place isn't that far away. it's 15 miles away ! with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, we can video chat on skype. you're gonna get lost ! this has gps. well, that makes me feel better. me too. i'll go get two from the back. the droid razr by motorola now only $99.99. hurry in, offer ends may 13th. verizon.
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>> bret: we asked you in our text to vote poll tonight, have you been inappropriately touched during airport screenings? 48% of you said yes. 52% responded no. thank you for your votes. finally tonight, recently published excerpts from then college student barack obama's love letters made a splash at first but on a closer look they may also shed some light on his early political leanings. >> in excerpts from a new book genevieve cook ex-girlfriend of barack obama reveal love letters barack obama sent her in college. some of the content reads as follows. >> dear general receive i can't wait to see you this weekend and move this
6:59 pm
relationship forward. the moment we are together, i want to see change as you have changed into something more comfortable. is this just my audacity? or is it my hope? as i promised, we'll go out for dinner and order what you want and spend what you would. we will worry about paying for it tomorrow. there are 15 trillion reasons i will always be in your debt, thank you, barack obama. >> you never know. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. if you haven't been there, you should check it out. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, barack obama becomes the first sitting u.s. president to formerly support same sex marriage. we will cover the impact socially and politically. plus, the latest on the underwear bomb. and the form-fitting briefs.


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